Ancienne Pharmacie
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Home Made

Tradition becomes original, unique, and special!
Homemade products are a fundamental element of the world of mixology. Preparations made from genuine and homemade ingredients, from which to obtain flavoured sodas, syrups, mousses and tinctures.

An ancient art of timeless flavors.

Homemade products rely on a great technical knowledge of the raw materials, and a method that has its roots in the officinal world of ancient pharmacies. With care, passion and preparation, you can create homemade products from fruits, flowers, barks, seeds and spices.

Respect for nature and local traditions.
No industrially produced oils are used to prepare homemade items. Everything takes place in full respect of the natural elements and ingredients, which are mainly found in Tuscany and infused in alcohol, to release their unique organoleptic characteristics. From these we obtain alcoholic infusions, liqueurs, distillates and bitters.

Bergamot & Ginger, Rose & Pepper, Camomile & Lemon.